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Commissioning A Custom Artwork

If you are interested in having a custom artwork created just for you, I do offer a limited number of comissioned orders each year.

How to commission an original artwork:

Pet Portrait:
You can commission a Portrait of your pet on paper or canvas. My portraits are not an exact 'photocopy' of your pet, but are unique PetCatures™, in that they are my own wacky version of how >> I << see your pet and it's unique personality.

For best results, I will need at least 2 clear photos of your pet, including a good face shot, (send more if you have them!) If the good face photo is not the same photo as that of your favorite pose, haircut, toy, costume, etc. please send those as well and include a note if you want those things included in your portrait. Photos are returned with the completed artwork. Please also include a note with your pet's name, gender, and tell me a little something about them ~ traits, behaviors, etc. that make them stand out from your other pets, (It helps me to capture their personality!). You're buying the original artwork not the copyright. Full copyright remains with the Artist.

See portrait options & pricing here:
Click here for portrait options and schedule!
Click here to view size, media & ground options and their prices


My Commissions Schedule:

I am often working on multiple projects and orders at any given time so if you'll be needing the portrait by a certain date, please email me prior to buying to be sure I can meet your timeframe.

The number of commissioned portrait openings I can fit into my schedule is limited. If you would like to know more about reserving a portrait project on my schedule, simply contact me for more info.


When commissioning ANY custom artwork, payment in full is due within 10 days of purchase. If payment is not received by the due date, your order may be cancelled and the opening will be offered to the next in line. (Especially if you do not respond to email). If your payment was not made due to extenuating circumstances, I'll be happy to have you order again at a later time when the circumstances have been resolved, IF you let me know right away.

I will email you with scans of the portrait sketches to be certain you approve of my plans to best capture your pet's personality. Upon completion, I will email you with images of the final artwork and I'll let you know when it's scheduled for shipment.


I retain 100% copyright to all non-logo custom art... My collectors (portrait or otherwise) are purchasing the original artwork not the right to reproduce it in any form without my prior written permission.

I may offer reproduction art prints of custom art, however with portrait art, even though I reserve all copyrights, if you prefer I don't, I will not make your portrait available on other items to the general public, such as apparel and gifts, (As a bonus service for portrait customers, portraits can be uploaded to my gift shops and/or fabric store for your shopping pleasure, if you desire!).

Custom LOGO Art - (Discontinued)

I am no longer accepting custom logo projects, as my style is now a recognizable brand for the KiniArt company. If you wish to request custom art for a specific product such as a KiniArt™ portrait of your pet on fabric, an iphone case, etc., you would simply order the custom portrait through the link above, telling me of your product design wishes. I'll set to work on the product design after the portrait is completed, and I will send you the link to the requested custom designed product when it's ready for purchase directly through the manufacturing company. There is no design fee if the custom-designed product will be available for sale to the general public. If, however, you wish the custom designed product(s) to be private (when possible), a design fee may be added to your total due.

Some samples of my previous logo work.

Web Graphics, etc.:

Terms... I am happy to share my art with you to decorate your website, however I do require that you obtain my permission first. Just let me know which images you would like to use and as long as your site is appropriate for a pg-13 audience, I will gladly provide you with an *approved version of the image for use on your website. [*All approved versions include the required legal notice "© KiniArt™"].


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