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I thought you might enjoy meeting the real animals who until recently, shared my home, and will forever be in my heart ...


Suki-bear was a black Pomeranian RIP Baby Monkey Dog
After spending too many years with NO dog of my own and living vicariously through the generous photo and video sharing of my art fans, I was knee-deep in dog breed research to see which of the breeds best fit into our family and my creative work-a-holic schedule, when I agreed to babysit my Mom-in-law's little dog (Suki) for 3 weeks while she went on vacation. She was a little angel - never barked, and best of all - she loved to be cuddled and cradled like an infant. It didn't take long before I was head-over-heals for this little cuddlebug, but I never thought in a million years Suki could be mine. I remember looking at Suki and saying, "How in heck am I ever going to stand to give you back?! You're so perfect!".

Amazingly, my mother-in-law surprised me later that day by asking if I'd be interested in keeping her for my own. We were so unbelieveably blessed to have Suki in the staring role of our household for about a decade. She too was claimed by kidney failure and my heart s h a t t e r e d on Jan. 10, 2019 as I tearfully took on the worst pain my heart has known so far, so that her pain could be over. We were fortunate in that we had the knowledge that our time with her was likely coming to an end for the last 5-6 months of her life so we truly treasured the time we had left. Being ready for the day she got her wings was impossible though and will forever feel just SO wrong. My baby bear has been sending me monkey and bear signs though whenever I tell her I need them so I know our connection is just as strong as ever, despite my now empty arms. I love you as big as forever, baby girl.

Eevee was a dwarfed Tortie. RIP
We found her abandoned, at a state park with her mouth glued shut - I don't know if she was a victim of abuse or got into something on her own - but she couldn't eat or drink because of it. We got her all fixed up and adopted her back around 2000.  Her kidneys began to fail in 2017 and we lost her in July of 2018, less than a week before Suki was diagnosed with the same awful disease.

Eevee lived like cat half her age up until her last 6 months or so. She couldn't resist breaking the "old cat" facade when the weather turned warm and birds, mice, bunnies and squirrels are chattering in the sunshine; ever the huntress when she thought I wasn't watching. We may have 'rescued' her, but she was a blessing for us for nearly 2 decades. We miss her terribly.

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