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"Doesn't Pay Attention"       "Stares out the window"      "Day-dreams too much"

These were the statements that appeared on report cards throughout my early school years -
so often that I always dreaded progress report day.

I've had dual citizenship between real life and my inner world from a very early age. Having endured
early childhood instruction where kids are taught the importance of coloring inside the lines,
it wasn't until I learned to value the lines themselves, that I really began to feel at home in both my worlds.

Now a professional Artist & business owner for more than a decade, I try to remember on a daily basis,
to experience life and art-making with the enthusiasm of a child: Wonder at the beauty that surrounds us...
Feeling sheer joy when giggling with my kids and grandkids... Peace and love when cuddling my pets ...
And giddiness when an artwork I've created makes someone else as happy to own as it made me to make it.
I find no greater joy as an Artist than when through my work, my own inner animal-loving, day-dreaming
child has connected with yours.

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