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Custom KiniArt Portraits

You can commission a portrait of your pet on paper or canvas. My portraits are not an
exact 'photocopy' of your pet, but are unique PetCatures™, in that they are my own wacky
interpretation of how I see your pet and it's unique personality.

For best results, send at least 2 photos of your pet, including a good face shot, (send more
if you have them!) If the good face photo is not the same photo as that of your favorite pose,
toy, etc. please send those as well and include a note if you want those things included in your
portrait. Photos can be emailed and mailed printed photos are returned with the completed
artwork. You may also include a note with your pet's name, gender, and something about
their personality traits, behaviors, favorites, etc. that make them stand out from your other pets,
(It helps me to capture their personality!).

You're buying the original artwork - not copyright to the image. All copyright remains with the artist.
If you choose a portrait on paper, I can make it available to you on items such as KiniArt fabric,
greeting cards, apparel, home decor, phone cases, & more. If you choose a canvas painting,
I'm only able to offer it to you on limited products, due to the texture and painted background.
If you know you want a canvas painting but also want to be able to purchase KiniArt printed products
featuring the portrait, please let me know prior to placing your portrait order so we can discuss your
options for the creation of a scanned image of an inked & colored version of the portrait's composition
on paper to be uploaded to products you desire from my KiniArt shop(s).
See portrait art options and pricing.

Art Licensing

If you are looking for unique happy dog breed, cat or other animal art to license for your
product(s), and would like to speak with me about it or see my art licensing website, please
do contact me.



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